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  • Pennywise Heat Change Mug

    Pennywise Icon Light   Enjoy a spooky cuppa with this terrifying Pennywise Heat Change Mug. Just make sure you stay away from the drain! The mug is designed to look like the storm drain as featured in Stephen King's classic IT. When cold, all you...

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  • Pennywise Icon Light

    Pennywise Icon Light   Novel design: this Pennywise light serves as an original piece of geeky bedroom décor without being too bulky, making it easy for storage when not in use Collector's Item: it and Pennywise have grown incredibly...

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  • Pennywise Notebook

    Pennywise Notebook   Give your stationary a spooky twist with this terrifying Pennywise Notebook - just try not to give yourself nightmares! The front cover of the notebook features a letterbox design to resemble the storm drain from the classic...

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  • Pennywise Projection Torch

    Pennywise Projection Torch    Terrify your friends and creep out your family with this spooky Pennywise Projection Torch. Press the button on this aluminium torch and project the face of the evil clown Pennywise, as seen in Stephen...

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